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With its high R-Value of up to 5.4 R-value per inch, spray foam is an excellent insulating option. It expands to the areas that are hard to reach with other materials. According to experts, spray foam adds to the structural support of roofs and walls.

Spray foam is more expensive than most of the other insulation options. You, therefore, need a pro insulator to have the job done professionally. MD insulation will advise on where and when it is best to use the spray foam for you to get the most out of your investment.

Installing spray foam needs special gear and equipment. A respirator will help protect the lungs. Workers also need to wrap around goggles, chemical resistant gloves, and full protective suit. The feet will also require full protection to execute the job well. At MD insulation, we are keen on the safety of the workers and house inhabitants. In that regard, we have the most sophisticated and latest gear and equipment.

If you spray foam surface that has a moisture level of 20 percent and above, it will not stick. Spray foam only works on completely dry surfaces. We use a moisture meter to check walls, especially when patching a wall that sustained water damage in recent times or just assembled with wet, new lumber.

Testing the spray foam is crucial. Experts recommend that you use a garbage bag or empty box to ensure that both chemicals flow evenly. Plan your work. Since the foam sets and clogs inside the nozzle whenever you stop spraying for more than 30 seconds, one needs a new tip with such breaks. In preparation, before you start, ensure you

  • Clear your way off any obstructions
  • Decide on where you will begin.
  • Set up ladders in all appropriate places.
  • Use a fan or two to vent the fumes out.
  • As the spraying continues, shake the cans.

Another tip when using spray foam is to cover the framing around the windows and doors with plastic. The gap between the framing and windows will be filled with low-expanding canned foam for windows. Keep all outlets and switches from the foam by covering them with masking tapes. Do not use electrical boxes as the foam will air-seal around them.

Professional insulators lubricate the end of the gun before the installation of the first tip, and with every new one. The kits come with a lubricant.

Flash and batt process is where an insulator uses spray foam conjunction with fiberglass insulation. This option not only saves you money but also maximizes on the air sealing properties of the foam.

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Spray foam insulation is delicate and expensive. This option needs experts to undertake. MD insulation has many years of experience in spray foam insulation in Round Rock TX and neighboring homes. We will take you through the process and give you the best rates in town as far as spray foam goes.