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Insulating your home is crucial as it keeps your home temperature right in summer and warm from the freezing winter. Over time, insulation wears out reducing its effectiveness. When it degrades, the R-value drops leaving the homeowner with no solution but removing it.

MDinsulation is a professional contractor in the removal of insulation as well as the installation of new ones. Depending on the type of insulation you had, other factors contribute to the fast degradation of insulation.

Moisture and water infiltration makes insulation lose its effectiveness faster than necessary. It is, therefore, crucial to check if any leaks, broken pipes or cracks may interfere with the insulation.

In the attics, regular checkups and assessment are necessary. High humidity levels, vents, and leaky roofs are a common occurrence. Such an environment is ripe for mold and eventually insulation degradation.

Pest infestations are also another way attics insulation degrades making insulation removal necessary. Raccoons, birds, rodents, squirrels, and bats find homes in attics, tearing the insulation to build their homes. They also secrete in the attics. After a while, the insulation is not only in a bad state but may turn into a health hazard.

When fire incidences occur, the damage may look minimal. Check after any such accidents if the insulation is affected.

MDinsulation identifies such issues quickly. We remove all types of insulation and seal all pests, and other unwanted invaders entry points.

Buying a house is an achievement for anyone. While real estate agents will advise on most things, MDinsulation professionals carry assessment to ascertain the exact condition of the insulation. Our professions check the R-Value of insulation and the situation to confirm its state before they advise if you need a new one.

Insulation removal can easily cause more damage if handled by non-professionals. It is always good to engage the services of experts in matters like insulation removal as mistakes can translate to huge expenses. In case you encounter a rare situation of property damage when our team is on site, you will get full compensation. We have comprehensive insurance covers for such incidences.

Our team removes insulation with utmost efficiency. After insulation removal, our team will seal any holes and leaks, as well as safely dispose of the old insulation.

If your home has old or dirty insulation, let MDinsulation handle the job for you. Staying in a house with worn out insulation is risky. Apart from the polluted air, your health is at risk. We have many years in the removal of fiberglass batt, blown cellulose, blown fiberglass, spray foam, among other insulation.

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