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Several research reports indicate that heating and cooling take up most homes energy expenses. Insulating your attic and walls will immensely reduce the amount of energy you need to keep your home comfortable with the right temperature. In this way, you will significantly save on your energy expenses.

Fiberglass, which consists of plastic filaments, fortified with recycled glass remains a popular choice for most people. Apart from its anti-fire characteristic, fiberglass also helps in soundproofing as it slows the spread of sound. If you prefer loud music or sounds from your entertainment units, you can still enjoy yourself without being a nuisance to your neighbors.

Since fiberglass also slows the spreading of cold and heat, it is an excellent material for insulating walls and attics in many homes, saving the owners over 40 percent on energy bills. Glass is moisture resistant; hence one is safe from the growth of mold and fungus. Fungus and molds cause health problems in the long run.

The material is safe when handled and installed well by experts like MDinsulation. If disturbed, moved or mishandled, fiberglass releases tiny particles that irritate when it comes in contact with bare skin. The particles cause more severe problems like nose bleeding, or respiratory complications when inhaled.

Our team of technicians has great experience in the handling of the fiberglass as well as the right equipment and gears for installation of the same.

Another advantage of fiberglass is its high R-Value, which is the measurement of the insulations ability to resist the flow of heat. High R-Value translates to a higher resistance. An inch of wood has a strength of 1 while an inch of fiberglass has an R-Value of about 3.4.

Fiberglass that comes in bags as loose fill is installed using a special-designed electric blower. Installers can, therefore, blow loose insulation fibers with the correct density and depth for maximum coverage. Loose-fill fiberglass fills gap easily as it settles in, increasing the efficiency of the insulation that existed earlier.

Some attics have extremely low headroom clearance. Such cases can complicate the installation of attic insulation. However, techniques like loose-fill fiberglass make it possible as it provides a convenient delivery system. This also offers a perfect solution for insulating attics with a lot of obstructions to work or irregular joist spacing.

While blown fiberglass is the most preferred insulation with multiple advantages, it is delicate and needs professional handlers. A poorly installed fiberglass installation will not only waste your money but pose a health risk as well. MDinsulation is your best choice for blown fiberglass insulation on your walls and attics.   

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